Who are we?

Stichting Kind Beter (Foundation Child Well) started with 3 board members:

André de Koning (father of Fenn and chairman of the Foundation)

The first emotions I experienced when I heard that our son Fenn was disabled, was an overwhelming primal instinct of wanting to protect your child. I felt the need to do something about his situation. And after an intensive search, I finally was brought in contact with the LUMC and things progressed from there on. It feels good to be able to do something!

Esther Kloosterman (mother of Fenn and secretary of the Foundation)

In my work as an Account Manager I am accustomed that everything can be arranged, is controllable and is planned. “Oh leave that to me, I’ll handle that…” Unfortunately, the life of a special needs child is all but predictable and manageable. Most of the time you try and solve situations by using your gut instinct and by guessing instead of relying on logical reasoning. No-one has the answers and no-one knows what is “regular” about this disease, because it is so rare. For me it’s a great combination in being able to use my organizational skills for this cause that is so close to my heart.

Wilko Korving (Owner BWK and controller of the Foundation)

In relation with my Accountants firm BWK, I have worked professionally for many years and with great pleasure with both Andre and Esther. When they asked me to play a charitable role in their foundation my only answer could be: Yes, off course I will help! A great way to use my financial and professional skills for a good cause.

We are really proud to announce that we have found two voluntary funding employees to help us with fund raising.

Sylvia Bos (friend of the family and voluntary funding employee Stichting Kind Beter)

Esther and I have been friends for over 30 years. That basic feeling of trust is always there. So when Esther became a mother that felt really close. But on the other hand you are so on the outside. All the day to day care and worries, which they encounter because Fenn has a rare genetic disease, you don’t experience yourself. I always had a feeling that I wanted to do something and help Esther out. So when the possibility to help in the Foundation Child Well, I seized this opportunity with both hands.

Caroline Valk-Meester (friend of the family and voluntary funding employee Stichting Kind Beter)

More than 25 years ago Esther and I became friends at work. When Esther expected a baby when she was almost 40, a big dream of her, I could only be so happy for her. After a while it became clear that Fenn was not like other “normal” children. That was a great concern for everyone, but what a lucky little guy Fenn is, with Esther and Andre as his mom and dad. He is surrounded by love and care and has every opportunity that is possible. But the one thing that Esther and Andre want to give him is not (yet) within their reach. That is why I am more than happy to offer my services to their Foundation Child Well. To raise funds for the necessary research, for Fenn and other special needs kids.

All members of the Stichting Kind Beter (Foundation Child Well) perform their activities without any payment.