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Stichting Kind Beter (Foundation Child Well)

  • PO Box 82048
  • 2508 EA The Hague
  • The Netherlands

Phonenumber: +31 (0) 6-21513762


Chamber of Commerce 71725261

RSIN/Tax number 858824693

Foundation Child Well made a conscious decision not to sign up for a CBF-label. The CBF label is not an official institute, therefor we are not convinced of its benefits. The CBF label costs money. For us this would mean that we have to spend our first donated money and cannot use it as a reservation for the research. We don’t think this a desired situation.
Our goal is to collect funds for the research of Dr. W. van Roon of the LUMC. The sooner we have the budget available, the sooner they can start the research and we can take a first step to a possible cure.
Everybody who helps out in our Foundation Child Well does so without payment and voluntarily. Building our website, addressing PR agencies, we all help out in our spare time and make use of our personal networks.
With the publication of our annual report and being open to contact, we strive to have a fully transparent approach.

Stichting Kind Beter (Foundation Child Well) is financially controlled by BWK administration in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.